Moose TheFrenchie




On December 31st 2016 our family found out our beloved moose had been hiding a big secret after being adopted just 3 months prior. Moose had been suffering from right sided congestive heart failure. As a young couple who just purchased their first home, Moose was that special touch to the perfect family. However, after finding out the news of his diagnosis it was a huge heartache. We quickly contacted the rescue he came from *Pitties.Love.Peace* and told them the news that we would have to bring him home and make his last few days comfortable because no doctor offered any other suggestions. The rescue quickly said no bring him to our vets and we will run the tests and see what can be done. Before I knew it he was approved for balloon valvuloplasty surgery which is a procedure where it widens a heart valve that is narrowed. But it came with a cost of roughly $4,000, not including future check up or medicine. So once again I felt I hit a wall. The rescue decided the best thing to do was reach out to the public and ask for donations. Not feeling confident I said okay why not? After 67 donations we were able to reach $2,820 !! How awesome but what we didn’t expect was for Fund-A-Bull to donate $500!! That was one of our biggest donations and with that we were able to receive his surgery! After surgery it was unknown if Moose would live a long and healthy life or still experience side effects of his heart failure. He took 5 different medications of diuretics that helped his kidneys get rid of extra water and salt from his body through your urination. Unfortunately Moose continued to see side effects such has having to get his abdominal fluid tapped of excess fluid, the most being 2,200 mml removed at one appointment. He did develop pericardial effusion which is fluid around the heart and at times he got fatigued. On March 13, 2018 Moose passed away in his bed leaving behind a great team of supporters who followed his journey each step of the way. If it wasn’t for the generous donations and non profit organizations like Fund-A-Bull moose wouldn’t have seen that extra year of spoiling love and happiness. He once lived in a home where he didn’t feel complete because he had decided to turn against his fur brothers and sisters so he was forced to be sectioned off. After his former mom saw he deserved more she put her emotions aside and placed him in a foster home with Pitties.Love.Peace where he was adopted as the only fur child and got a chance to live freely until the very end. Thank you again to everyone who made his journey possible.


**The application to help Moose was submitted by Pitties.Love.Peace to help their former rescue Moose, Fund-A-Bull only excepts applications from Rescues as our mission is to help dogs in recuse get the medical help they need to find their forever families. Since Moose’s condition was found shortly after finding his forever family, Pitties.Love.Peace wanted to make sure they helped their former rescue dog Moose.